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“All metal roofs are not equal” – Gregory Kerr
“The price you guys told me from the beginning, that was the same price I got it for.” – Juan Rivera
“I can tell you having done major construction projects on my house for the last seven years, this process was the most painless out of all of them.” – Tom Jenkins
“Installation was pretty simple, I was really impressed with the hard work and the respect” – Deb Vonfeldt
“For this roof to look like it does going through a storm like we went through it’s just amazing to me…” – Mark Amedee
“I don’t like pushy salesman. They went the speed I was willing to go and I was happy with it” – Wayne Ellison
“They lived up to every promise they made. Whatever they told me would happen, it happened ” – Jim Cox
“If I haven’t said it enough, my wife and I are ecstatic. Anybody who has an ear and will listen, we’ll tell them about it. Listen, this roof right here beat (hurricane)Ida” – Trace Cheramie

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