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Metal & Solar

The Best of Both Worlds

You’ve done the research and you know the benefits of a metal roof over conventional roofing, by adding solar you bring the best of environmental friendliness and sustainability together saving money along the way.

A Winning Combination

Energy Starred, certified, metal roofing and solar panels go hand in hand – A metal roof offers greater energy efficiency allowing you to utilize a smaller solar array. Because your home will use less energy with a metal roof you’ll need a smaller solar system which will save you money on the solar installation as well as your electricity costs.

Maximum Benefits

Solar panels can maximize the cooling benefits of a metal roof. While, on its own, a metal roof will reflect sunlight without warming the interior of the structure, solar panels turn that sunlight into energy for the structure.

Secure Attachment

Metal roofs offer a stronger foundation for the brackets required to secure solar panels to the roof of a structure. They are the ideal surface for solar panel installation. Additionally, a professionally installed metal roof will likely outlive the solar panels installed on top of it.

Excess Energy

Those now utilizing solar panels are often able to sell excess energy back to the power company. This reduces, and possibly eliminates, your monthly electricity bill.

A Step Further

Add solar batteries to use as backup power in the event of a local power grid outage.

No This or That

Solar panels come in different styles to offer solar panel flexibility. Choose from either silicon or thin-film photovoltaic panels. Many property owners prefer the look and smaller profile of thin-film solar panels. The silicon are bulkier while the thin-film photovoltaic are flexible. Metal roofs remain the ideal choice for thin-film solar panels, and many manufacturers of these panels design thin-film panels specifically for metal roof installation.

It’s a Win-Win

Combining a metal roof with a solar array is an ecologically responsible choice for any property owner. All metal roof manufacturers use recycled materials, an obvious plus, and the entire metal roof is completely recyclable, cutting down on fossil fuel consumption. It’s a combination that any property owner can feel good about.


States differ greatly in the incentives they provide for an energy-efficient home. The IRS informs:
Installing renewable energy equipment in your home can qualify you for a credit of up to 22% of your total cost, this year(through 2021 and Expires in 2023 unless Congress enacts a new law). As a credit, you take the amount directly off your tax payment, rather than as a deduction of your taxable income.

State incentives very greatly in scope and scale depending on the type of dwelling, single-family, multi family, private and commercial, and you should check with your state government to see what programs may be available to you.

The best states for solar power by installed solar capacity are in order California, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and New Jersey.

The best solar incentives based on years for payback by state in 2021 are Rhode Island, South Carolina California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


The benefits of metal roofing are many:

Energy Efficiency
Stronger foundational support
Metal roofs add value to your home
Added home value
Buying a premium metal roof from a reputed brand and ensuring its optimal installation combined with a solar system assures you of quality and long-term cost savings. The combination of the two is one of the best choices you can make for upgrading your home.

Proper Installation
is Required

The key to a truly permanent roofing system is the quality of the installation. A poorly installed roof will not hold up to the the elements and will require replacement far sooner than a properly installed roof by an experienced crew that follows best practices and the manufactures guidelines.
Metal Roof Installation
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